GM Creditz Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 101/2021) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

Licensed Moneylender Personal Loan Punggol

Moneylender Punggol

Punggol is known for being a waterfront town, and is also known as Singapore’s first eco-town. Landmarks in Punggol include the Punggol Waterway and Park, a perfect sightseeing place for travelling people. 

In need of cash for your travel to Punggol? GM Creditz offer several financing solutions for your financial plans and needs.

How to Identify a Licensed Moneylender?

Here are the characteristics of a licensed moneylender:

  1. You can find the license number displayed in their website in the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore
    • This license number is provided by the Ministry of Law, guaranteeing its authenticity
  2. They follow legally-bound interest rates (4% per month)
    • Illegal moneylender often offer exorbitant interest rates
  3. They have a physical office that you can visit
    • This is needed for personal transactions, such as signing legally-binding documents
  4. Courteous interaction with its clients
  5. Clear and well-explained loan contracts
  6. They can only advertise through business/consumer directories, owned websites, and advertisements placed within the approved business premises
    • Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to advertise or solicit through text, call, or beyond their approved business premises 

What to Consider When Taking a Loan?

You need to consider the following factors before applying for a loan:

  1. Loan Amount
    • This indicates the total amount that you need to repay, including considerations of interest rate, processing fee, and other fees such as late payment fees.
  2. Interest Rate
    • The maximum interest rate moneylenders can charge is 4% per month.
  3. Loan Tenure
    • Refers to the period of time from the date of loan approval up to the date of loan payment completion.
  4. Repayment Plan
    • This discusses when and how you will repay your loan. It will dictate the schedule of your installment payments and whether it is going to be regular or lump sum payment.

How Our Company Can Help You?

With our motto “borrowing money made easy”, GM Creditz offers legal, quick and affordable loan plans for your financial needs. 

Being established in 2009, we are one of the most reputable licensed moneylenders in Singapore, which means that you can expect excellent service from us, as attested by our previous clients in their feedback. 

We aim to cater every client in need, providing clear-cut terms and conditions in their loan agreements. Lastly, we provide a fair and transparent service aimed at making you feel comfortable and safe in your loan transaction.


Transacting with a licensed moneylender gives an assurance that you are entering a legal and safe interaction. 

Licensed moneylenders also provide transparency in the loan agreements that they offer, but it is also important for you to read and check the agreement properly to be well-informed of its details.

GM Creditz is always here to give a legal and hassle-free loan application experience. Contact us at 6588 1886, or you may send us an email at [email protected]. You can also visit our office at 111 North Bridge Road #01-41 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098.

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