GM Creditz Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 101/2021) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Marsiling

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Marsiling

The park in Marsiling is one of the go-to places to visit in the area. The park has many different amenities for families, friends, couples, children & adults to enjoy! 

Among these are an amphitheatre where you can watch live performances; a butterfly-themed playground complete with slides & swings suitable for young kids as well elderly residents who want something fun yet relaxing; and a viewing tower that features views across this beautiful area which includes serene landscapes. 

If you want something more thrilling, adventurous tourists also check out WWII relics — the abandoned Marsiling Tunnel and bunker. 

Another good thing is that there’s an easy-to-access selection of loans while on a trip! Learn more about what types of loans you can take when in Marsiling:

Types of Loans

Personal Loan: This is money borrowed from a bank, credit union, or a moneylender that you pay back in fixed monthly payments, or instalments. It is unsecured and does not involve collateral. It’s usually the best option to dip into your savings or emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses. It can be an ideal option for non-discretionary purposes, like debt consolidation.

Business Loan: This can be an unsecured loan, meaning borrowers are not required to offer any assets as collateral. It provides small business owners with a lump sum they must pay back over time, and with interest. 

Payday Loan: Also known as the cash advance loan, this short-term loan is helpful if you can’t wait for your payday to settle the looming monthly bills. The loan amount is up to one month of the borrower’s salary and should be paid back within a month. Interest rate, like other personal loans, is also capped up to 4%. 

Monthly Loan: This is also called a monthly instalment loan with larger amounts and longer terms than a payday loan. Each monthly repayment will also include a portion of the principal amount borrowed and the interest. This type of loan allows borrowers to extend their budget to accommodate emergencies like paying off hospital bills, a dream holiday, or any unexpected expense.

Foreigner Loan: All foreigners holding a valid Singapore Work Pass are eligible to apply for this type of loan from most lenders and other banks. You must be 18 years old and must be employed. Submitting a residential tenancy agreement, bank statement, and three months’ recent payslip is also necessary given the rules and regulations. 

How To Apply?

1. Call or Apply Online

Avail of your loan either via walk-in, phone call, and online.

Reach us at 6588 1886

From the website here (We will call you within 30 mins)

2. First Approval

If you are seeking a loan over the phone, we will ask you some preliminary questions to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, we will invite you down to our office to get to know you better before we process the application for you.

3. In-Person Consultation

At our office, you can ask any questions or clarify your doubts with us. You will also be required to present your documents for our verification. Upon examining your case, our friendly loan officer will offer you an amount and explain the terms and conditions of the loan for your understanding.

4. Signing The Agreement

Once you agree to the loan amount and repayment terms, our loan officer will print out the contract for you to sign. 

5. Receive Your Cash Loan

Once the contract is signed, you will receive the cash on the spot, hassle-free.

Why us?

GM Creditz is one of the finest and most dependable money lenders in Singapore. With a greatly experienced team, we assure to provide a wide variety of solutions for every borrower that needs cash conveniently with the lightest and easiest repayments possible. Contact us and request a quote today!

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