GM Creditz Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 101/2021) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

Licensed Moneylender Personal Loan Eunos

Licensed Moneylender Near Eunos

Eunos is a neighborhood known for good public transportation routes, including food stalls and eateries. Cheap housing prices also attract a lot of people to this area. 

If you are looking to visit or relocate to this place, and find yourself short on cash, GM Creditz can help you with the financial aspect of your plans. 

How to Get a Fast Cash Loan?

First, you must be able to spot illegal moneylender and refrain from transacting with them. There are several red flags which will alert you of a possible illegal moneylender:

  • Their “license number” does not appear on the Registry of Moneylenders 
  • They do not have a physical office
  • They advertise through flyers, SMS, emails
  • They push for a purely online transaction and/or no contract
  • They opt for harassment in debt collection
  • Exorbitant interest rates
  • Vague contract terms and conditions, if they have one

When you plan to inquire with a licensed moneylender, you must check if you meet the eligibility criteria for the specific loan service that you wish to avail. 

If you are eligible, prepare the necessary documents required by the particular type of loan and bring them with you on the day of transaction. Take note that Singapore residents/PRs have a different eligibility criteria compared to foreigners, and that each loan type has their own unique required documents.

Also, check the type of loan that you will avail if it requires collateral assets or not. If it requires collateral, you must submit required documents pertaining to your assets and properties.

Advantages of Taking a Loan With a Money Lender

There are several advantages of taking a loan with a licensed moneylender.

  • Hassle-free, legal, and fast loan application process/approval
  • Fewer/more relaxed criteria and requirements
  • Capped interest rates up to only 4% per month

How GM Creditz Can Help You? 

With our motto “borrowing money made easy”, GM Creditz offers legal, quick and affordable loan plans for your financial needs. 

Being established in 2009, we are one of the most reputable moneylenders in Singapore, which means that you can expect excellent service from us, as attested by our previous clients in their feedback. 

We aim to cater every client in need, even people who have bad credit scores. Lastly, we provide a fair and transparent service aimed at making you feel comfortable and safe in your loan transaction.


Choosing to apply for a loan with a licensed moneylender not only protects you, but also helps you feel comfortable and relaxed with your loan transaction. Licensed moneylenders also provide an easier application process in terms of criteria and requirements compared to other financial institutions such as banks. 

As long as you meet the eligibility criteria and requirements, your loan application approval is almost completely guaranteed.

GM Creditz is always here to give a legal and hassle-free loan application experience. Contact us at 6588 1886, or you may send us an email at [email protected]. You can also visit our office at 111 North Bridge Road #01-41 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098.

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