GM Creditz Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 102/2020) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

About Us

Financial Heroes in Times of Need

Just like your favourite heroes who are always to the rescue in times of crisis, we treat ourselves as our clients’ everyday financial saviours. We are passionate about helping you solve your financial dilemmas with our customised loan plans so you’d be safe, secured, and free from financial despair.

Who We Are

Established in 2009, GM Creditz is the best legal moneylender at the heart of Singapore. It provides a wide array of loan options including personal, foreign, business, monthly, and payday loans.

True to its promise and tagline “borrowing money made easy,” the agency offers hassle-free, fast, and affordable loan plans specially created to every individual’s unique objective.

What sets the agency apart from other money lenders is it considerably assesses each and every client’s application–even those with a history of bad credit scores. It has built the business on solid principles by offering a fair and transparent service and responsibly providing its customers with the money they need at a rate they can afford.

Moreover, GM Creditz vows to provide the lowest possible interest rates and to keep serving as the best law-abiding loan agency in Singapore.

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GM Credits remain at the forefront of setting high standards as a service-oriented, customer-focused business. Having been in the industry for more than a decade, the institution has established an excellent reputation as a “professional, efficient, and customer-oriented” loan agency– positive affirmations that directly came from its very own clients’ verified reviews and testimonials.

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What We Stand For

      • Our corporate vision: Our vision is to be the go-to loan agency of the Singaporeans as well as expatriates and become a leader for exceptional client service. For us, unparalleled service is based on three key components that define GM Creditz today: professional, efficient, and customer-oriented.
      • How that makes us different from the rest: With this vision, comes our mission to sincerely help our clients achieve their goals with our seasoned consultants’ knowledge and expertise combined with our system’s best practices and innovative methodologies. 
      • How we have helped out thousands of Singaporeans in need: We put all of these commitments into practice, and in turn, we have successfully helped thousands of Singaporeans and foreigners become financially secured and achieve financial freedom.

What do we offer in return?

          • Easy application processes
          • Guaranteed quick approvals
          • A team of professional & knowledgeable loan officer
          • Transparent loan plans and lowest-possible interest rates
          • Responsive to inquiries, especially important for financial emergencies
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